A Thank You Note to Kuk Sool

A very special welcome to a guest blogger, Mel Martin Jo Kyo Nim. Some of you may remember Mel JKN as the woman who beat the snot out of her would-be mugger a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Well, she is currently recovering from knee surgery, and, given her history, my money is on Mel JKN — that gimpy knee doesn’t stand a chance. Take it away, ma’am!

Mel JKN writes: On Tuesday I had knee surgery to repair my left ACL which I completely blew out a couple of weeks ago doing an off-the-wall jump roundhouse. And while I intend to write more later about having a major injury and staying with Kuk Sool, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Kuk Sool and all it has given me to help me get through this time in my life.

Dear Kuk Sool,

I am lying on my couch as I write this. My leg is strapped into an immobilizing brace and I can’t get around without the use of crutches. And while you are the cause of this injury and the reason why I am trapped here, I wanted to thank you for a few small things that you have given me that make this experience bearable.

Thank you for giving me a high pain tolerance.

Thank you for teaching me how to balance and use my hands while standing on only on one leg.

Thank you for giving me flexibility so I can still do things like put on socks and paint my toenails.

Thank you for bringing me friends who set me up with entertaining DVDs and who keep me connected with the world through amusing emails and internet chats.

Thank you for giving me a strong body that heals quickly.

Thank you for teaching me that worthwhile things often take longer than we want them too and you can’t rush the process.

Thank you for giving me 350+ techniques to go over in my head when I get bored.

Thank you for teaching me patience.

Those are just a few of the things that I have learned during our 7 years together that I am drawing on now. And don’t worry, I’m healing quickly and we’ll be seeing each other soon.

Your friend,


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