Getting emotionally fit

I’m focusing this month on emotional fitness, in part, because I’m feeling particularly grateful right now for my own emotional fitness — hello, stable emotional state and relative mental health. It’s been a while…. As always, it’s important to say, repeat, and yell again that the divisions we use to differentiate between emotional, physical, and […]

Introducing Love Self Coaching for Fitness

Every January, our word of the month is fitness — what with the resolutions, commitments to change, and optimism that fly around this time each year, it’s a bandwagon we’re happy to jump on if it helps folks to take a good look at their whole-self fitness and make positive changes that improve their health. […]

Leading through pain

Last week, we elected Donald Trump as our next president. In my circle of friends, business associates, students, family, and just about everyone I talk to on any given day, this was tragic, terrifying, and devastating. Just so you know where I’m coming from. Since Wednesday, I’ve had numerous people ask me for specific advice […]

Be The Match Donor Drive

Hey folks, One of our students, Melissa Jo Kyo Nim, got a bone marrow transplant this June as treatment (and cure!) for Fanconi Anemia and Common Variable Immunodeficiency. Melissa JKN, her husband Eric Dahn Bo Nim, and her two kids, Dylan JKN and Kailey JKN, have been important and supportive members of our school for […]

I’m being patient with you

I am not a patient person. It’s one of my favorite compliments to get though:  “Oh, you’re so patient with your students.” Because that means I’ve managed to fake patience SO WELL, that I might actually have treated someone with compassion and kindness rather than beating them senseless, which is what my brain was screaming […]

3 months for the price of 2!

We’re offering a great Summer Special this year. In the months of June, July, and August 2016, you get 30 classes for only $200! Where students are normally limited to a maximum of 2 classes during the week, with the Summer Special, students may attend as many available classes per week during June, July, and […]

Understanding testing

Congratulations on being invited to test at Kuk Sool Won™ of St. Paul! One aspect of our curriculum is our belt-ranking system. Belt color and rank identify where a student is in our curriculum – white belts (beginners) aren’t learning blue belt (intermediate) material. Testing is the tool we use to move students through the […]

Why use titles?

What comes to your mind when you hear, “Yes Sir!”? A scene from a war movie? Was it said with gung ho enthusiasm by a fresh faced recruit or with near-the-breaking-point contempt by the scarred, broken soldier? A flashback to really bad fan fiction turned international best seller/blockbuster movie? Your childhood? Or stories of your […]

Care and Keeping of Your Black Belt

Congratulations on your achievement! You are now the proud owner of a brand-new black belt! Unlike the belts you wore prior to this, black belts are a particular and peculiar breed. It’s as if you’ve graduated from goldfish to your first salt-water aquarium, and the lifespan of your black belt will be significantly enhanced if […]

How NOT to be a creeper

As a woman in martial arts, I get creeped on a fair amount. Usually it’s harmless — social skills and an interest in martial arts sadly do not always go hand in hand, but most people mean well and aren’t trying to be as off-putting and occasionally threatening as they are. One of the “unfair” […]

What does 8.9 really mean?

This is my final post of reflections on this year’s World Kuk Sool Association Midwest Tournament. My hope is to address the perennial question that I hear both at and after tournament: “My son usually gets scores like 9.8 and 9.9. How come that judge (imagine angry finger pointing here) gave him an 8.9?!” So here […]

Great ways to support competitors

I’m still knee-deep in reflections on tournament and competition after last weekend’s World Kuk Sool Association Midwest Tournament. Full disclosure:  I’m a latecomer to this whole rah-rah-competition thing. I played a lot of co-operative games at Quaker camp as a child and the message I got (not to be confused with the message my parents […]