The New Face of In-person Teaching

Man. This year… *shakes head*   So far, we’ve shut down, forgone having a commercial space, lost 67% of our revenue, learned to teach effectively online, turned our bedroom into a video studio, taught classes in the park, and shared space with another martial arts school part-time (HUGE thank you to Twin Cities Aikido!). It’s […]

Martial arts in the time of COVID-19

As of today, June 10, Gov. Walz has relaxed some of the restrictions on gyms and schools like ours, and the Minnesota Department of Health has issued some great guidelines and suggestions for keeping folks as safe as possible in “high-risk” activities like martial arts. Based on those guidelines, we’re going to continue to focus […]

Stay home, stay healthy

By executive order 20-04, we are closed until at least March 27, 2020. If you’re a currently enrolled student, we have all kinds of great online and remote options for you to continue to train with us! If you’re looking for a great community of folks who like to have fun and move in healthy […]