Kuk Soolympics!

It was a terrific day, full of great competition, tasty treats, and fantastic school spirit. Our annual Kuk Soolympics is a very unofficial in-school tournament, and we love how it brings out the very best in our students. This year, our favorite photographer/mom/student, Amy Wurdock, took pictures all day. You can visit her website for casual viewing, re-living the highlights, and, best of all, purchasing pictures of yourself or your loved one participating.


New Year’s Wishes

Posted by Shil Jahng Nim
Parents, Kuk Sool Communities, Kuk Sool Won on January-4-2013

I got a great card and letter from Sa Bum Nim Kris and Shil Jahng Nim Rich, owners of Kuk Sool Won of Menlo Park, and I’m going to turn the guest blogging over to them today. This is one of the best paragraph’s of well-wishing I’ve ever read, so I’m sharing it with you.

“Look to your job for more than money. Look to your family for more than companionship. Look to yourself for more than criticism. Look to your G-d for more than you dreamed of. Be patient with yourself and others. Remember that you are a gift — to your parents, your children, your friends. Remember that they are also gifts. Treat each other with care and respect. Teach your kids to love well and work hard (love hard and work well?). Show them they can come to you when they need advice. Demonstrate by how you Continue Reading…


Jool Bong Workshop 12/9/12 CANCELLED!

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Calendar on December-9-2012

Well, winter has arrived. Unfortunately, that means we’re going to cancel today’s Jool Bong Workshop. Please listen in class next week for information about any possible rescheduling and/or refunds. We’re sorry to miss it today, but we hope everyone stays home and stays safe.


Dahn Bo Nims are incredible people!

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Kuk Sool Communities, Twin Cities Community on December-3-2012

Check out the story in the Star Tribune about our students and their History Day projects.


A note of thanks

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Parents, Kuk Sool Communities, Kids Martial Arts, Twin Cities Community on December-1-2012

“As we approach Thanksgiving, we feel compelled to let you know how much we appreciate what you do for our kids and the broader community. Your steadfast commitment to the art form and selfless love for our community is apparent each and every time we walk through your doors. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.”

This was a card we got a few weeks ago here at Kuk Sool Won of St. Paul, and I’m “re-gifting” it to every school owner and instructor that I know. It’s fantastic when we get these cards and letters or words of praise in person, but when we don’t, we’ve got this to look back at to help us remember that people notice.

Your students appreciate what you do; their parents appreciate what you do; they may not know it, but their families, other teachers, bosses, employees, and the folks in line with Continue Reading…


Is exercise fattening?

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conditioning, Tips and Tricks on November-14-2012

Our student, John Jo Kyo Nim, leads a workout class in our space on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and this year he is offering his students some terrific online support with weekly informational and inspirational emails. I’m shamelessly stealing his latest (and the teaser that leads me to believe I may steal next week’s as well!). Take it away, Jo Kyo Nim!

Is exercise fattening??? (Stolen directly from Mens Health Magazine)
Why is it that some people train for marathons and end up a couple pounds heavier than when they started? After a year of workouts we may be stronger, faster and feel better, but haven’t lost any weight. What gives? The rate at which each of us loses weight is greatly determined by our genetics, but here are two areas where exercise can really help out.

1. Exercising and leading an active life style can help limit weight gain. Continue Reading…


Martial Arts Class Schedule

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Parents, Schedule, Kids Martial Arts, Martial Arts on November-12-2012

We offer a lot of class flexibility, and we know from experience that that can make it hard for some folks to know exactly what choice is right for them. So which classes should you be attending? Read on.

For students 4-6 years old, we offer a Pre-Martial Arts class on Fridays at either 4pm or 5pm. But wait! These classes have enrollment caps and often have waiting lists, so you’ll have to contact us first to find out if there is space immediately.

For students 6 -12, try our Kids/Family classes. Students in our Kids/Family classes attend 2 weekday classes per week. Kids/Family classes are offered Mondays and Wednesdays at either 5pm or at 6pm or on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. Whatever 2 classes per week work for you, works for us — and if your usual schedule (you attend faithfully every Continue Reading…


Open House, Saturday November 3

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Schedule, Parents, Articles, Kids Martial Arts, Martial Arts, Martial Arts Demo on October-29-2012

We’d love to have you join us for an Open House this Saturday. Check out the schedule below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the best time to come and watch or participate.

If you can, please participate! If you can’t, you’re always welcome to watch! Enrolled students at any level or age should be in uniform (PMA students may wear their t-shirts). Please bring a snack to share with other students and our guests.
10am – John JKN’s workout class
Open to anyone 13 and older who wants to start the day off right!
10:30am – PMA class
Open to any currently enrolled Pre-Martial Arts student and anyone ages 4-6 who would like to try this class for our youngest students.
11am – Kids/Family/Saturday morning class
Open to any currently enrolled regular student and anyone Continue Reading…


Back to the blog

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Kuk Sool Blog, Articles on October-25-2012

I gave up the blog in favor of Facebook. Now, I’m inviting you to join me in coming back to the blog.

If you’ve “liked” us on Facebook (and currently my stats show that 237 of you have), I thank you. But the majority of you aren’t actually receiving the information, news, pictures, and videos I’m posting there. Facebook does not send my posts automatically to the newsfeeds of everyone who has “liked” us — only 15-20% of you ever see my posts. Unless we pay the advertising costs to reach our “friends,” that won’t change.

The reason I loved posting on Facebook was the simplicity. Quick, to the point, often visual — posting could be done in about 2 minutes, and it got out the messages we wanted immediately (even if it has failed to get those messages out to more than a handful of Continue Reading…


Iron Butterfly coming to Twin Cities!

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Kuk Sool Won, Twin Cities Community, Martial Arts, Martial Arts Demo on September-15-2011

Master Choon-Ok Harmon is the highest-ranking female martial artist in the World Kuk Sool Association and author of the memoir, The Iron Butterfly: The True Story of a Mermaid’s Daughter. Kuk Sool Won of St. Paul is thrilled to announce a special evening event with Master Harmon on Wednesday, September 28 at 7pm. Master Harmon will be presenting stories and lessons from her life at St. Catherine University’s Jeanne d’Arc Auditorium. The event will also include Korean dance and drumming demonstrations by Mu Gung Hwa Dance Academy and the demonstration team of Kuk Sool Won of St. Paul. Tickets are $5 each — please call 612-578-5797 for more information.