The New Depression

My ex asked me the other day how we were faring in the face of the “mini-Depression.” It’s a small business, he figured, and we don’t exactly offer what most people consider a necessary commodity. And the bleak economy is affecting almost everyone at some level. I told him the truth: we’re growing steadily, retaining […]

Chuck Norris…just because.

Thanks to Scott Wood Hohng Di for forwarding a link to this site. Here are some fun facts about Mr. Norris. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. There is no […]

Back on the Path

Once again, our guest blogger, Mel Martin Jo Kyo Nim: Two weeks after surgery I finally returned to Kuk Sool classes. It was great to be back in the dojang and to see everyone, but at the same time it was very frustrating. For the next five months I am prohibited from running, jumping, bending, […]

A Thank You Note to Kuk Sool

A very special welcome to a guest blogger, Mel Martin Jo Kyo Nim. Some of you may remember Mel JKN as the woman who beat the snot out of her would-be mugger a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Well, she is currently recovering from knee surgery, and, given her history, my money is on Mel JKN […]

The Day of Judgment

Tournaments make for a very long day… for the judges. As members of a traditional martial art that focuses so heavily on etiquette we should really do our best to thank the judges. Unfortunately, I always hear a lot of complaints. I even remember doing some complaining myself. So, in the spirit of contrition, I […]

Indomitable Spirit

Every once in a while I see a story about a real-life self-defense incident that just makes me smile. Recently I read a perfect story from Lighthouse Point, Florida. Apparently back belt and marathon runner by the name of Margot Foster, 53, came home and found a man (aged 24) ransacking her house. The surprised […]

Ultimate Black Belt Test

50,000 push ups. 50,000 crunches. 5,000 techniques. 15 minutes of daily meditation. 1,000 acts of kindness. A reading list, wrongs to be righted, relationships to be mended, and writing assignments. Are you exhausted yet? This is the Ultimate Black Belt Test. A program designed by Master Tom Callos, the Ultimate Black Belt Test (UBBT) is a […]

Best Quality Kuk Sool Video Ever

Kwan Jang Nim Alex Suh recently had a professional video made to promote his 2 new schools down in Texas. Fortunately for everyone else he offers the video to help other schools who would like to use it. Enjoy!


o In interviews and talks with instructors one of the recurring themes that comes up is perseverance. This sequence (done without any computer help) took 600 tries to get just once. Now think about Ki Cho Hyung. We are trying to do about a hundred (depending on how you count it) moves in a precise sequence […]

Martial Arts Functional Conditioning

“Functional conditioning” is THE buzzword in the fitness industry right now, though, like most ideas, it isn’t exactly new, just newly repackaged and marketed. It seems that the billion dollars worth of exercise machines filling fitness centers across the country really don’t do all that much for our health. Machines (as any fourth grader who […]

Secrets of the True Martial Arts Instructor

So I am sitting in Houston Airport waiting for my flight (we’ve been delayed three hours so far), and I’m trying not to let the frustration ruin what has been an outstanding weekend. I have spent the last three days with my fellow instructors at the Kuk Sool Won annual instructor training. There were instructors […]