World Championships – Kuk Sool Martial Arts Wallpapers

Yet another release of some Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts Wallpapers for your computer. This week we bring two wallpapers from previous Kuk Sool Won World Championships. The first is of cane defense techniques and the second is of Master Suh Sung Jin doing a form, or, as we like to call it, “Hyung.” Enjoy. […]

Martial Arts Wallpaper – Kuk Sool Won Archery Edition

Round 2 of our Kuk Sool Won Wallpaper releases. This week I have posted 3 Wallpapers for all you Martial Arts fans of Kuk Sool Won that want to see more archery. Archery in Kuk Sool Won is one of the cooler things you can learn but is taught by a very select group of […]

Kuk Sool Won Desktop Wallpapers – St Paul Dragonfest

Here are the first two desktop wallpapers we are putting on the web (scroll down to bottom of this post to download). We will be periodically adding other desktop wallpapers from everything Kuk Sool and not just Kuk Sool Won of St Paul. If you would to stay notified of new content we produce and […]

Best Kuk Sool Pictures….Ever

Some of the best kuk sool pictures ever have been taken by a professional photographer when we did our Martial Arts demonstration at Dragonfest 2007 in St Paul, MN. All the photos can be found and purchased for yourself at, I believe if you like the photos and want them for yourself and your […]

Armed and Breadly

Short story even shorter, one of our Black Belts (Mel) here at Kuk Sool Won of St Paul beat down a mugger the day before Thanksgiving in broad daylight with a loaf of bread while the mugger tried to steal her purse. I will let Mel explain her strange self defense in her own words: […]

How to Tie your Martial Arts Belt

There are a couple of ways to tie your Martial Arts belt but the most basic way is shown in the diagram below. Many beginners have a problem tying their own belt so why not post about it. If you feel like putting your dress belts on like this, have fun looking like a stallion […]