Understanding Etiquette

Etiquette is the system of behavior that governs everything that we do in a Traditional Martial Art. We define etiquette as: “behaving in a manner better than expected.” Another way to think about etiquette is as those behaviors that are motivated by respect. When do we practice etiquette? As martial artists, the expectation is that […]

Dragon Festival 2014

If you live in St. Paul or Minneapolis, you’ve got a weekend full of fun available at Phalen Park starting on Saturday, July 12. The Dragon Festival is a two-day celebration of Asian Pacific cultures, chock-full of entertainment, athletic, culinary, and artistic activities and opportunities. One of my favorite pieces of the weekend is the […]

Saying Goodbye

We had a couple of students leave us last week. We’ve known for a while that it was coming — their family is moving out of town for professional opportunities, and we’ve been fortunate that they were willing to stay with us right up until moving day. For their final class, we gave everyone in […]

Super Seminar 2014 photographs

As usual, our student and extremely talented photographer, Amy Wurdock, captured fantastic portraits and candid pictures from our 2014 Super Seminars. Please check out the links below — pictures are available for purchase on her website, and it’s a great way to commemorate and honor your or your student’s hard work!wurdock.com/Galleries/Kuk-Sool-Won/Super-Seminar-2014/Promotion-Photos/n-6KBxK http://www.amywurdock.com/Galleries/Kuk-Sool-Won/Super-Seminar-2014/Promotion-Photos/n-6KBxK http://www.amywurdock.com/Galleries/Kuk-Sool-Won/Super-Seminar-2014/Kuk-Sa-Nim-Portraits/n-TRfmR/ http://www.amywurdock.com/Galleries/Kuk-Sool-Won/Super-Seminar-2014/Certificate-Photos/n-KGLjV/  

What to expect at your Introductory Lesson

Here at Kuk Sool Won™ of St. Paul, we offer 2 free weeks of classes to any prospective student (6 years old and older). We start that free trial period off with an Introductory Lesson – a scheduled time during one of our regular classes in which that brand new student gets to work with […]

New Year’s Wishes

I got a great card and letter from Sa Bum Nim Kris and Shil Jahng Nim Rich, owners of Kuk Sool Won of Menlo Park, and I’m going to turn the guest blogging over to them today. This is one of the best paragraph’s of well-wishing I’ve ever read, so I’m sharing it with you. […]

A note of thanks

“As we approach Thanksgiving, we feel compelled to let you know how much we appreciate what you do for our kids and the broader community. Your steadfast commitment to the art form and selfless love for our community is apparent each and every time we walk through your doors. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.” This […]

Is exercise fattening?

Our student, John Jo Kyo Nim, leads a workout class in our space on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (editors note: starting September 2013, John JKN’s class is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings — woot!), and this year he is offering his students some terrific online support with weekly informational and inspirational emails. I’m shamelessly […]

Crowned with laurels

Congratulations to our students who competed at the 2010 Midwest Tournament in St. Louis, MO! Everyone did extraordinarily well, and we are very, very proud of you all: Brian Berg (white belt, 40+), one gold medal, one bronze medal; Andrew Wyman (brown belt adult), one gold medal, two silver medals, and one bronze medal; Will […]

This week’s word: Diet

Diet is everything you put into your body. Have you ever tried keeping a written record of that? It comes as a surprise to almost everyone — we seem to be peculiarly ill-suited to keeping track of what we have eaten and drunk during the day. Here at Kuk Sool Won of St. Paul, we […]

A homeschooling perspective

I homeschool my kids. Steffen PSBN homeschools his kids. Well, technically, we homeschool them all together most days, in a group effort wherein one of us pinch hits for the other when time or temper is running short. I was very pleased to recently learn that another of our students is being homeschooled, and even […]