Dragon Festival 2014

If you live in St. Paul or Minneapolis, you’ve got a weekend full of fun available at Phalen Park starting on Saturday, July 12. The Dragon Festival is a two-day celebration of Asian Pacific cultures, chock-full of entertainment, athletic, culinary, and artistic activities and opportunities. One of my favorite pieces of the weekend is the dragon boat races — Minnesota companies like Medtronic and 3M sponsor and power these awesome, huge dragon-shaped boats with employees. Each boat has a team of 20 people:  18 rowers, one drummer (keeping time for the rowers), and one flag-catcher (that’s how you win).

Of course, my other favorite part of Dragon Festival is our martial arts demonstration. We’ve been showing off what we do at Dragon Festival for 8 years now, and it’s always a great demonstration. Interestingly, pictures of us at Dragon Festival show up on the web all the time — you can find a picture of Steffen Sa Bum Nim throwing two students on Buzzfeed (an article titled something like “25 ways to scare off your daughter’s boyfriends” or something equally misogynistic — clearly not used with our permission, but, you know, the internets…). Various WKSA schools have used pictures of our students at Dragon Festival on their websites (with permission, of course, but it still cracks me up to find a picture of my daughter on a site for a school in the UK).

But pictures, however awesome, aren’t nearly as much fun as being there in person. This year, we’ll be performing from 1:30-2pm on Sunday, July 13 — come on out and see us. It’s a great way to get an idea of what we do, get questions answered before or after the performance, or just enjoy the fun.

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