Is exercise fattening?

Our student, John Jo Kyo Nim, leads a workout class in our space on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (editors note: starting September 2013, John JKN’s class is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings — woot!), and this year he is offering his students some terrific online support with weekly informational and inspirational emails. I’m shamelessly stealing his latest. Take it away, Jo Kyo Nim!

Is exercise fattening??? (Stolen directly from Mens Health Magazine)

Why is it that some people train for marathons and end up a couple pounds heavier than when they started? After a year of workouts we may be stronger, faster and feel better, but haven’t lost any weight. What gives? The rate at which each of us loses weight is greatly determined by our genetics, but here are two areas where exercise can really help out.

1. Exercising and leading an active life style can help limit weight gain. Because people who lead active healthy life styles tend to tune in to their bodies needs, reap the mental benefits of exercise, and lead a better quality of life, research shows. 43 different studies show that exercise alone will only only shed a pound or two without dietary intervention. 2. Another obvious point to make is that to lose weight we must make a calorie deficit (calories consumed vs calories burned) in our daily lives.

Thanks John, now what?!? Well, turning up our intensity during our workouts is a great place to start. Cyclists that bike hard for 45 minutes burn 519 calories during the workout and another 193 after, as their metabolism is still amped up. The tipping point seems to reaching the 75-80% of your max heart rate. You’re only in my class for 45 minutes, please give it your all! Outside of class you should continue to be active. Bike or walk to the corner store (like Speedy). Park your car in the far end of the strip mall lot and walk. My class should only be an addition to your active life, not the only activity.

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