Healthy choices

The word for this month is Fitness, and we’ve had great participation in our Health and Fitness Initiative. This initiative was open to ANYONE interested in paying some extra attention, making some healthy changes, or supporting family martial arts in this way.

As of November 24, 2014, here are our numbers so far:

2,834.5 hours of sleep (an average of 8.17 hours per night per person),

286 glasses of water first thing in the morning (average of 83% of the time),

1,329 plants eaten (an average of 3.83 per day),

15,574 minutes of elevated heart rate or people-powered transportation (an average of 45 minutes per day),

2,635.5 minutes of meditation-style breathing (an average of 7.6 minutes per day).

We set some pretty high goals for everyone participating, and I’m really pleased with the participation, effort, and the improvement I’ve seen throughout the month. There’s still another week of November — we can push these numbers even higher!

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