Learning from the Sidelines

From guest blogger, Mel JKN:
There are times in Kuk Sool when we’re not part of what’s going on. We may be waiting for the class before ours to finish, we may be waiting while our instructor teaches a technique to our partner, we may be watching a tournament, or we may be sidelined due to an injury. What do we do with that downtime? Turn our brains off and drift into La La Land? Of course not. All of those scenarios are important learning opportunities. We can learn a great deal from actively watching our fellow students. Things that my instructor has told me time after time suddenly become clear when I see someone else making the same mistake. When I listen to him explain a technique, I always hear something new that I missed when I learned it the first time around. Every time I watch my peers do a form or practice their weapons, I find myself learning from watching. I see the things they do well and desire to emulate them, and I see my own flaws mirrored back at me and am reminded of where I need to work. Every moment spent in the dojang is an opportunity for learning, whether we’re actively involved or simply sitting on the sidelines.

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