Introducing Love Self Coaching for Fitness

Every January, our word of the month is fitness — what with the resolutions, commitments to change, and optimism that fly around this time each year, it’s a bandwagon we’re happy to jump on if it helps folks to take a good look at their whole-self fitness and make positive changes that improve their health.

We define fitness as “striving to be in the best possible physical, mental, and emotional shape that we can be.” The use of the verb “striving” is deliberate — fitness usually takes some work. It’s also good to note the “that we can be” there at the end of the definition. My fitness is not defined by the best shape that someone else can be in, it’s what is accessible, possible, and healthiest for me. And we never define fitness as being in good shape in only one way — sacrificing your emotional health for your physical (or vice versa) is never a goal worth pursuing.

The hardest part of getting fitter, for a lot of people, is the motivation. Most of us know, at least in broad strokes, what we could do. A lot of us can even figure out how to get it done. It’s the long-term, day-by-day doing that proves so difficult. This year, we’re offering a new kind of help.

Shil Jahng Nim Nicki is formalizing her work as a health and wellness coach by offering one-on-one or group coaching sessions starting every month. She’ll help you identify your goals, put together a plan, and then give you all the cheerleading, accountability, encouragement, and check-ins you need to stick to it. Check out her newly-launched website, to see a sampling of the services she offers and feel free to reach out to her for more information. Happy new year, and here’s to better fitness for everyone!

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