Kuk Sool Won Desktop Wallpapers – St Paul Dragonfest

Here are the first two desktop wallpapers we are putting on the web (scroll down to bottom of this post to download). We will be periodically adding other desktop wallpapers from everything Kuk Sool and not just Kuk Sool Won of St Paul. If you would to stay notified of new content we produce and wallpapers we upload subscribe to the write via RSS feed or Email. We respect your email.

The wallpapers below are from a demonstration we did at the St Paul Dragonfest in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Taken by a professional sports photographer available for hire. You can visit his website here: www.LoveofTheGamePhoto.com. More images from this Kuk Sool demo can be found on our previous post: Best Kuk Sool Pictures…Ever. Download and enjoy.

If you have any Kuk Sool pictures from you or your school you would like made into desktop wallpapers send us an email at stpaulksw@gmail.com and we would be happy to make and post them.

kuk sool won joint lock flip picture

kuk sool won joint lock flip picture

* Desktop Wallpapers are organized by the resolution of your desktop. For PC computers, right-click the current desktop background, click “Properties”, and find out your current Resolution setting in the Display or Monitor tab. Mac users go to “System Preferences”, click “Displays”

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