Martial arts in the time of COVID-19

As of today, June 10, Gov. Walz has relaxed some of the restrictions on gyms and schools like ours, and the Minnesota Department of Health has issued some great guidelines and suggestions for keeping folks as safe as possible in “high-risk” activities like martial arts.

Based on those guidelines, we’re going to continue to focus most of our energy on our online classes. We’ll be experimenting with teaching current students in-person, outside, and in small, controlled groups with no person-to-person contact through the summer — as long as we’ve got this great, not-snowing weather, we may as well take advantage of the relative safety of the outdoors!

We’re also going to keep supporting our current student community — we’ve got a strong group of students and families who have been sticking with us, despite everything that’s going on, and we’re going to focus on keeping them healthy and learning. We are not accepting new or returning students at this time.

Stay safe and healthy, everybody!

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