Secrets of the True Martial Arts Instructor

So I am sitting in Houston Airport waiting for my flight (we’ve been delayed three hours so far), and I’m trying not to let the frustration ruin what has been an outstanding weekend.

I have spent the last three days with my fellow instructors at the Kuk Sool Won annual instructor training. There were instructors there from all over. One even came from as far away as Japan. We were trained, helped, and coached by Kwan Jahng Nims Barry Harmon, Choon Ok Harmon, Alex Suh, and Sung Jin Suh. It was, once again, a wonderful opportunity to get ideas, learn, and correct a wide array of martial arts and business techniques. But the high point had to be Kuk Sa Nim’s speech.

Kuk Sool Sword Fighting

Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of just how truly awesome Suh In Hyuk, Kuk Sa Nim really is. Of course, I have always known that he can do astounding things, but every once in while it hits me on a visceral level. It can be mind blowing.

This time it was Kuk Sa Nim sharing his philosophy of martial arts instruction. He said that the main points of a true martial arts instructor are: “like, love, respect.”

When he said this I was blown away. Not because I was surprised, disbelieving, or in disagreement, but because I realized that this man lives this philosophy. It is part of who he is. And we are all richer for it.

Kuk Sa Nim Sword technique

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  1. Sir – Wonderful post. It is a gentle reminder that the practice of Kuk Sool is not just physical. Strength is not only meant for the body but for the soul also. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic post PSBN! I can feel your excitement and awe through your words. I love training with the senior masters. I heard Kuk Sa Nim speak at the UK Annual Seminar in June last year and I was blown away by his words and wisdom also. I wrote a post about it on my blog. We have an instructor workshop at the end of March with Master Sun Jin and Alex Suh which I can’t wait for!

    Great post – has made me even more excited and motivated.

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