New Year’s Wishes

I got a great card and letter from Sa Bum Nim Kris and Shil Jahng Nim Rich, owners of Kuk Sool Won of Menlo Park, and I’m going to turn the guest blogging over to them today. This is one of the best paragraph’s of well-wishing I’ve ever read, so I’m sharing it with you.

“Look to your job for more than money. Look to your family for more than companionship. Look to yourself for more than criticism. Look to your G-d for more than you dreamed of. Be patient with yourself and others. Remember that you are a gift — to your parents, your children, your friends. Remember that they are also gifts. Treat each other with care and respect. Teach your kids to love well and work hard (love hard and work well?). Show them they can come to you when they need advice. Demonstrate by how you deal with them the way you want them to deal with others.”

If I can do that, 2013 should be a very good year.

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