Epic Quotes from Master Sung Jin Suh

2013 update: There was originally a video that went along with these words that no longer exists (that I can find, anyway). But these words of wisdom from Master Sung Jin Suh persist.

Kuk Sool Won Practice Basics:

  • Memory
  • Strength
  • Stretch
  • Center Balance
  • Stamina
  • Power
  • Connection
  • Meditation
  • Speed

Kuk Sool Won Practice Principles:

  • Stop Leads the Hyung
  • Low Stance
  • Power Hands
  • Look Straight Ahead or At Your Hands
  • No Emotion
  • No Expectation

Punch is always lower than shoulder. Thumb stays on the outside. Stance is always 90 degrees. Balance is always center. Eye contact is always straight ahead or at your hands. Keep your head level when you connect stance to stance. Your head should remain at the same height, or level. One who connects the stance fast without power looks sloppy, and will have poor results. Practicing with stops refines your power. One who goes fast, and the form still looks good, has been practicing correctly. Without thinking about the principles and technical details during practice, you may have a fun and a good workout, but you will never understand martial art. Stop longer is correct practice. Concentrate on every basic principle and technique and eventually get there fast. Trying not to waste time is trying hard. Concentrate hard so people can feel the beauty. Concentrate on your hands and absorb yourself in your art. Artist concentrate on giving their soul into their art. After your strikes and between each stance, let the connecting movement go. Like dropping a coin from your hand. Do not practice with emotion. People feel your emotion. Lead your hyung technically, following basic principles. Save your emotion for self-defense. Your opponents should feel your stance hard like a rock, and they should be afraid from your force. Because attacking offense has emotion and powerful preperation, if you wait until someone attacks you, you will be in trouble from the force against you. So if you want to defend yourself against that kind of power, you should prepare twice that strength against your opponent. Self-practice and self-motivation is difficult. Think light and try to begin easily without pressure. Then you can practice continuously and consistently. Begin lightly and get going as you sweat. Starting your practice is everything. Without starting, you go nowhere. Before practice, do not make too many plans. If you have too many expectations, you will burn out before you even start. Just think about every stop. Think about principles and techniques. Then you will enjoy practice and time goes fast. Everyone should practice a lot. It is difficult to learn correctly as a white belt because there is not enough muscle memory and mental experience. If you have been practicing for a while in regular class, then Kwan Jang Nim can correct easily. Once you practice over and over again you will feel the difference. Even if you do not have abilities at first, you will find out you do have confidence. As long as you practice with proper techniques and quality principles, you will reach your goals. Everybody has the same chance. As long as you practice correctly, you could be the best. Hard practice surpasses the need to work on patience. You pass patience and are able to forgive anything. You can pass through anything that stresses you. Because you can taste dying, you can forgive anything. With hard practice, you will have a positive, kind mind. You can solve problems. If you have negative mind, practice harder. Practice for dying.

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