How NOT to be a creeper

As a woman in martial arts, I get creeped on a fair amount. Usually it’s harmless — social skills and an interest in martial arts sadly do not always go hand in hand, but most people mean well and aren’t trying to be as off-putting and occasionally threatening as they are. One of the “unfair” […]

Indomitable Spirit

Every once in a while I see a story about a real-life self-defense incident that just makes me smile. Recently I read a perfect story from Lighthouse Point, Florida. Apparently back belt and marathon runner by the name of Margot Foster, 53, came home and found a man (aged 24) ransacking her house. The surprised […]

The Three Pillars of Self Defense – Kuk Sool True Story

* True Account by Head Instructor Steffen Kellogg from Kuk Sool Won™ of St Paul, Minnesota I have always loved stories of Kuk Sool being successfully used in self-defense. But until recently I had not been in an altercation that went to the extreme of actual physical confrontation. I had always been able to talk […]

Armed and Breadly

Short story even shorter, one of our Black Belts (Mel) here at Kuk Sool Won of St Paul beat down a mugger the day before Thanksgiving in broad daylight with a loaf of bread while the mugger tried to steal her purse. I will let Mel explain her strange self defense in her own words: […]