Supporting perseverance

Perseverance is one of those concepts that parents love to hear us teach. Parents are often the people who get the fewest opportunities to see their children work hard, and it can be easy to feel like your kids just don’t try, or don’t try hard enough, or don’t keep trying long enough. And we worry; […]

Leading through pain

Last week, we elected Donald Trump as our next president. In my circle of friends, business associates, students, family, and just about everyone I talk to on any given day, this was tragic, terrifying, and devastating. Just so you know where I’m coming from. Since Wednesday, I’ve had numerous people ask me for specific advice […]

I’m being patient with you

I am not a patient person. It’s one of my favorite compliments to get though:  “Oh, you’re so patient with your students.” Because that means I’ve managed to fake patience SO WELL, that I might actually have treated someone with compassion and kindness rather than beating them senseless, which is what my brain was screaming […]

Feeling the feeling all the way through

We’re talking about self-control in our classes this month, and we really try to emphasize that self-control isn’t about achieving perfect control of anything. Rather, self-control is the work that you do, physically, emotionally, and mentally, in your daily effort to improve. Today I talked about emotional self-control, and I’m really emphasizing the work we […]

Celebrating Dr. King’s Legacy

Here at Kuk Sool Won™ of St. Paul, we take our celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day pretty seriously. We’ll usually suspend whatever else we’re talking about in a particular month to reflect on Dr. King’s words and work, celebrate his legacy, and challenge our students to continue to work for justice for all […]

In Honor of Ms. Betty Seizinger

We’re talking this month about honor, a word that has tremendous resonance when you associate it with martial arts instruction. Watch any martial arts movie, and the word is likely to come up; honor, or dishonor, is a prevalent theme in traditional Asian or Asian-inspired martial arts movies. Honor, family honor, dishonoring one’s ______ (family, […]

Saying Goodbye

We had a couple of students leave us last week. We’ve known for a while that it was coming — their family is moving out of town for professional opportunities, and we’ve been fortunate that they were willing to stay with us right up until moving day. For their final class, we gave everyone in […]

A note of thanks

“As we approach Thanksgiving, we feel compelled to let you know how much we appreciate what you do for our kids and the broader community. Your steadfast commitment to the art form and selfless love for our community is apparent each and every time we walk through your doors. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.” This […]

A homeschooling perspective

I homeschool my kids. Steffen PSBN homeschools his kids. Well, technically, we homeschool them all together most days, in a group effort wherein one of us pinch hits for the other when time or temper is running short. I was very pleased to recently learn that another of our students is being homeschooled, and even […]

The New Depression

My ex asked me the other day how we were faring in the face of the “mini-Depression.” It’s a small business, he figured, and we don’t exactly offer what most people consider a necessary commodity. And the bleak economy is affecting almost everyone at some level. I told him the truth: we’re growing steadily, retaining […]