The New Face of In-person Teaching

Man. This year… *shakes head*


So far, we’ve shut down, forgone having a commercial space, lost 67% of our revenue, learned to teach effectively online, turned our bedroom into a video studio, taught classes in the park, and shared space with another martial arts school part-time (HUGE thank you to Twin Cities Aikido!). It’s been a lot.


We’re really excited about what’s coming next, though. We’ve found a way to have a small, dedicated space that we can use both as a place to teach online classes from (looking forward to having my bedroom back!) AND teach in person.


The big difference will be that we won’t teach “classes”; rather, we’ll teach individuals or small family groups. It’s partly a space issue, and it’s partly a safety one. If there’s one thing we know about how to limit the spread of COVID in our communities, it’s that we really need to limit gathering in groups indoors. We’ve been doing this already by keeping our indoor class sizes small, but as case numbers rise and winter approaches, we want to turn “small” into “smaller.”


Here’s a quick picture of what it will look like:


  • As I mentioned, we’ll be teaching students either as individuals (if they are the only member of their family who is a student), or as family groups.
  • Only one individual or family will be in the space at a time.
  • Everyone washes hands as soon as they enter and before they leave.
  • Masks, distancing, and no-touch teaching is still in effect!
  • We’ll be using air-purifiers, our HVAC system, and a humidifier to keep air moving, cleaned, and at 50-60% humidity.
  • So much cleaning. So. Much.


Every student who wants to schedule an in-person lesson with PKJN will be able to do so each month. All of our online classes will continue to be offered – the bulk of learning will still happen online, but everyone who wants to will have the chance to work in-person too.


We know how important being able to see and hear each other in person is for us and for our students, and we’re really excited that we’ve found a way to do that again!

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