Indomitable Spirit

Every once in a while I see a story about a real-life self-defense incident that just makes me smile. Recently I read a perfect story from Lighthouse Point, Florida.

Apparently back belt and marathon runner by the name of Margot Foster, 53, came home and found a man (aged 24) ransacking her house. The surprised thief tried to flee but she tackled him outside her house. The thief was able to free himself and then flee. However, Margot gave chase until the burglar tried to clear a six-foot-high wooden fence. Then, in her own words, she, “grabbed him by the neck, ripped him off the fence, threw him to the ground, and put her knee to his chest.” She then held him until the police arrived.

The image just makes me smile. I can just see this man trying to flee as this woman of twice his age easily keeps up with him, runs him down, and then literally throws him to the ground like the proverbial sack of potatoes.

Margot was quoted as saying, “I was a victim when I walked in. As soon as I walked out he became my victim because I was taking care of the situation.” That is Indomitable Spirit!


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  1. This is really a cool story. I’ve always wondered what would happen if something like this happened to me. I always think what I know is potent and very dangerous, but it really could mean the difference in personal bodily harm and safety. So it would be really cool if I had to resort to my Kuk Sool knowledge, but at the same time I would be worried about really hurting the assailant.

    Still a very cool story and quite inspiring!

  2. Add one more item to the list of “things you don’t do to a Kuk Sool black belt”.

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